IGL Coatings offer a durable layer of ceramic protection between your vehicles exterior surfaces and the environment it's exposed to daily that will cause harm. IGL Coatings have a higher ceramic content than most products on the market, with stunning gloss and reflections to add to the protection.


**Benefits of having a IGL Coating include**:

  • Never wax your vehicle again.

  •  Easier to wash and keep clean.

  •  Hydrophobic, water repels off easily and quickly creating  a self cleaning effect.

  • Strong resistance to bug etching, sap, and bird droppings.

  • Scratch resistance. IGL Coatings have been independently tested at "Greater than 9H" hardness  levels.

  • Durable Protection. When purchasing a ceramic coating, you are locking in that new car appearance for years to come, thus increasing  your vehicles overall value.


Our ceramic coating services from IGL is THE ULTIMATE PROTECTION & INVESTMENT FOR YOUR VEHICLE!  Give us a call so we can thoroughly inspect and evaluate your vehicle in person for accurate pricing. Your vehicle is your second largest investment so why not protect it?