Deluxe In and Out $60-$80 (1-1.5 hr)

*Recommended for regular maintenance and ceramic coatings only

  • Wash

  • Dry

  • Detail Spray 

  • Clean Wheels

  • Dress Tires 

  • Vacuum Interior

  • Wipe Down Interior 

  • Wipe Windows

  • Wipe Door Jambs

Above and Beyond In and Out $160-200 (2-3 hr)

  • Basic Clay Bar Treatment

  • IUDJONE direct to paint (Ultra Endurance Max Coat add $100)

  • Carpet and Upholstery Damp Shampoo 

  • Thorough Window Clean

  • Console Deep Clean

**Leather Clean and Condition, and Headliner Clean add $50

Ultra Deluxe $300-450 (4-5 hr)

  • Above and Beyond In and Out Package, plus:

  • Correct-Polish-Protect All-In-One Polish 

  • Leather Clean and Condition 

  • Headliner Clean 

COMPLETE ONE SYSTEM $500-700 (4-5 hr)

  • Wash

  • Clay bar Treatment 

  • Universal Clean and Prep wipe down (prep for coating)

  • Correct-Polish-Protect All-in-One Polish (UAIO)

  • Universal Coating application (PRO add $100 and 3 year warranty)

  • Ultra Endurance Max Coat application (PRO add $100 and 5 year warranty)

Fabric Protect - UV Blocking Waterproofer - $60-120

*Can be added to Above and Beyond In and Out for carpets and upholstery or you can opt for a complete interior detail with Fabric Protect for $150-250

Headlight Restoration

  • Polish and protect  $50 (pair)

  • Wet sand, polish, protect  $80 (pair)

  • Advanced wet sand, polish, Universal Coating and Ultra Endurance Max Coat $100 

Engine Bay Detail

  • Top Side clean and dress  $40

  • Deep clean and dress  $60

Paint Correction

  • 1 step swirl mark removal, gloss enhancement & protection (UAIO) $250-350

  • 1 step light swirl mark removal and gloss enhancement & IUDJONE $250-350

  • 2 step - Infinite Cut and Infinite Finish and seal with IUDJONE $450-550

  • 2 step paint correction with deep defect removal focus & IUDJONE $600-700

Note: $50 discount to any paint correction package when you add the ONE System PRO Coatings

All paint correction packages include wash, clay bar, and prep for polishing (masking tape).

* DISCLAIMER – All pricing listed above is based on vehicles in “average” condition. We reserve the right determine whether the vehicle is in average condition based upon our visual inspection. The pricing above should be used as a guideline and not as the end all be all, set in stone price. The final price will be quoted after our in person visual inspection of the vehicle, and agreed upon before any work is performed. Additional services may be recommended and or are available per your request. If you do not see exactly what you are looking for or your budget will allow, we can build you a custom package to better suit your needs. Payment is due in full when the agreed upon work has been completed. Thank you, we appreciate your business!